2018 Midwest in Motion

06/14/2018 07:30 AM - 06/15/2018 05:00 PM CST


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The dates, location, the seminar topics, and the speaker bios for the 2018 Midwest In Motion Annual Meeting and Seminar.  For fees please see the registration form.


Dates: June 14 & 15, 2018

Location: Holiday Inn, 205 Remington Blvd., Bolingbrook, IL 60440

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Here is the list of topics that will be covered:

Join us for our Annual  ILSEA Midwest In  Motion Seminar and Annual Meeting featuring nationally acclaimed speakers:

Jonathan Strouse JD CPA will present the following topics on Thursday, June 14:

  • Examinations Based on Information Reporting [UB57Y-T-00115-18-I] 1 CE

    • This segment will focus on the types of IRS examinations for individuals including how a taxpayer is selected for an exam, the IRS automated under-reporter program, forms 1099, and how the IRS matches forms 1099 at the Service Center.  Lastly, it will include how to defend these matters against the IRS.

  • Zealously Representing Your Clients in an IRS Examination [UB57Y-T-00116-18-I]  2 CE

    • This segment will focus on how to properly represent the taxpayer against the IRS for various examinations. It will include how to respond to requests for electronic and hard-copy information, and IRS Information Document Requests including one for privileged information. It will also focus on numerous other aspects of issues that arise in an IRS exam including qualified offers, powers of attorney, extension of statutes of limitations, and other timely topics.

  • How to Respond to Common IRS Penalty Notices and the Drafting of Reasonable Cause Statements to Abate Various Penalties [UBY57Y-T-00117-18-I] 1 CE

    • This session will focus on examples of penalty notices that are sent by the IRS to the taxpayer, and how to draft clear and concise, as well as persuasive, penalty abatement requests, to be sent to the IRS to abate various proposed IRS penalties.

  • Issues Relating to the Voluntary Disclosure Program for US Citizens and Green Card Holders Living Abroad [UBY57Y-T-00118-18-I] 1 CE

    • This session relates to the taxation of US citizens and green card holders, who live offshore, and who desire to take advantage of an IRS amnesty program for filing and paying income taxes. There is both a streamlined offshore voluntary disclosure program as well as a non-streamlined offshore voluntary disclosure program, which are both amnesty programs. There is also a domestic streamlined voluntary disclosure program for persons who live within the United States, but who omitted offshore income on their forms 1040.

  • Hot Topics Regarding Compliance With Circular 230 [UB57Y-E-00119-18-I] 1 CE

    • This ETHICS segment will focus on various sections of Circular 230 and the EA's compliance with those various sections including section nos. 10.29, 10.33, 10.34,10.37, and other applicable sections.

Larry Wolf CPA and Stan Green CPA will present the following topic on Thursday, June 14:

  • Best Practices for Responding to IRS Notices [UB57Y-T-00120-18-I] 2 CE

    • This segment will address the best approach to resolving various issues, through the use of IRS Account Transcripts, understanding the collection statute of limitations, collection notices and what happens when a Revenue Officer receives a case.  Also, what are Collection Due Process Hearing and Collection Appeal Requests and which one is the right one to file and when. Taxpayer Rights and the different types of Installment Agreements will be discussed. Finally, passport revocation for an IRS liability will be discussed.

Will you need a hotel room?  Reserve ASAP:  Deadline for special rate expires on May 23rd.  

The rate is $109/night.  CALL the Holiday Inn at 630-679-1600 and use the code: ISE.


Steven Hamilton II EA will present the following topics on Friday, June 15:

  • Advanced Rental Real Estate Topics [UB57Y-T-00121-18-I] 2 CE

    • This segment will answer these questions: Does my client qualify for RE Professional?  How do I work with flippers? What is wholesaling? Can your client benefit from a section 1031 exchange?  How to plan and use these tools to help your clients benefit while you get paid for the advice.

  • Real Estate Investment Tax Planning [UB57Y-T-00122-18-I] 2 CE

    • Overview of how types of Real Estate investments are taxed and possible structure issues

      • Recognize when your clients should adjust their structure

      • What structures clients should not use with their investments

  • Entity Structuring [UB57Y-T-00123-18-I] 2 CE

    • This session will address when and you should work with the client's attorney as well as exploring various entity structures in light of the new tax laws. Why the same entity structure does not work for everyone and how to plan for clients needs and wants. Why our involvement in this process is beneficial to our clients.

  • Should My Business Own It: Vehicles [UB57Y-T-00124-18-I] 2 CE

    • Clients ask: Should my business own a vehicle or should I own it personally? We will discuss the benefits of each method of ownership, what is required of each and how to calculate what is most beneficial for your client.


Bonus:  The Taxpayer Advocate Representative will be onsite on Friday, June 15th for a Problem Solving Day!  Bring your client issues!

Will you need a hotel room?  Reserve ASAP:  Deadline for special rate expires on May 30th! 

The rate is $109/night.  CALL the Holiday Inn at 630-679-1600 and use the code: ISE.


2018 MIM Speaker Bios

Stan Green CPA
Stan Green, CPA, is with the Skokie based firm of Larry J. Wolfe, Ltd., where he is head of the Tax Controversy Department.
Stan ’s concentration is tax resolution in Collection matters with the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing agencies.

Stan was with the IRS  for more than 28 years in various management positions including Revenue Officer Manager; Chief, Technical and Office Compliance Branch; Chief, Advisory Section of the Special Procedures Branch and Revenue Officer Training Manager.

Stan has taught Illinois CPA Society courses including IRS Penalties, Collection Procedures, and Appeal Procedures. Stan has been a Collection Panel Member at the IRS Tax Practitioner Symposium both as an IRS Manager and as a Practitioner. Stan has spoken on IRS procedural matters at the local chapter meetings of the Illinois CPA Society.

Steven C. Hamilton II EA, NTPI Fellow
Steven Hamilton II has his own tax practice, Hamilton Tax & Accounting LLC. and focuses on small businesses, real estate investments, and retirement accounts. He has extensive experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing, and financial management. Steven is interested in early-stage startups as well as well established corporations.

In  2016,  Steven started Gryphon CE, LLC to educate other tax professionals on advanced taxation topics. Steven lives in Florida and has offices in both Florida and Illinois.  Using the latest digital technology Steven works with clients worldwide. Steven is also an NATP  Certified  Instructor. 

Jonathan E. Strouse, JD CPA
Jonathan Strouse is a partner with the Harrison Held law firm in Chicago. Jonathan concentrates his practice in the areas of litigation, federal tax litigation and federal tax controversies, including audits and appeals. Jonathan was a popular speaker for the ILSEA Tri-Counties Chapter on  Hot Practice Tips Relating to IRS Controversies, September 6, 2017.

Jonathan has a long history of effectively litigating tax cases against the federal government in the United States District Court, United States Court of Federal Claims, and the United States Tax Court. In addition, Mr. Strouse has diverse experience in litigating federal tax issues including lien, levy, and other collection matters, valuation issues, independent contractor/employee issues, and a wide variety of other complex tax matters. Finally, Jonathan has acted as lead trial counsel in the United States Tax Court over the past several years in numerous cases.

Larry J. Wolfe CPA
Larry J. Wolfe, CPA, is with the Skokie based firm of Larry J. Wolfe, Ltd established in 1982. His practice specializes in tax controversy. Larry’s concentration is tax resolution in collection and exam matters with the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing agencies. Representation includes examinations at the federal level of income tax and various matters with the Appeals Division. Larry’s experience with collection matters includes offer in compromise, penalty abatement, installment agreements, trust fund recovery penalty defense, applications of discharges and subordination, right of redemption, non-attachment, claim for refunds, levy, and lien releases. 

In addition, Larry has experience with collection matters regarding the Illinois Department of Revenue including Petitions to Board of Appeals, installment agreements, penalty abatements and specific property releases. He has also authored three manuals and taught seminars regarding IRS representation in Collections, Examinations, and Appeals. Finally, Larry is Vice Chair of the AICPA Tax Practice and Procedures Committee and a member of the Illinois CPA Society Tax Practice and Procedures Committee.


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